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Instrument Models

specifications and examples of available builds

Novax Naturals

Expression Semi-hollow Lo-A 7-String


These guitars feature stunningly beautiful woods, at times distressed by insects, fungi, and mineral spalting. The organic shape of each instrument is a blend of the shape suggested by the particular piece of wood, inclusion of the natural “raw edge” where practical, and ergonomic considerations.

Woods that are both structurally sound and stable are hand carved into three-dimensional musical sculptures; woods that are not structurally sound are laminated to woods that are structurally sound, yielding a more traditional aesthetic.

Electronic and pickup offerings will vary, with an eye toward minimizing the visual impact of these non-organic components while retaining versatility.

Neck woods are typically vertical grain mahogany or eastern maple, with ebony fretboards; some will have custom inlay. Neck details include fretboard binding to match the body wood and a headstock overlay to match the body wood.

Finishes are natural oil to enhance grain depth and detail; they are long-wearing and renewable.

The featured woods will often be locally harvested Western maple, Circassian and English walnut, and Oregon myrtle, which are fully air-dried and resawn at our shop.

Exact specifications for each instrument will be included with photos.

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