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Instrument Models

Standard features of Novax instruments include:

  • the patented Novax Fanned-Fret system
  • the Novax Proprietary Individual Bridge system
  • neck and fretboard woods that are air-dried in our wood room for a minimum of 5 years
  • a changing pallet of beautiful and “toneful” body woods, air-dried in our wood room and selected for aesthetic and musical qualities
  • a nearly unlimited selection of pickup styles and combinations, preamps, and custom switching circuitry
  • consultation with luthier Ralph Novak about wood, electronic preferences, or any special requirements for your custom instrument
  • necks that are hand carved to your specification
  • the experience and skills of over 40 years of instrument building and repair
  • exceptional service and attention to detail
  • your ability to customize nearly every aspect of your dream instrument.

Novax instruments are constructed by hand, for you, to your unique specifications; your consultation with Ralph Novak can help you decide which wood combinations will yield the tone and “look” that you’re seeking, and what pickup and electronic choices will help you achieve your sonic goal.

Our “standard” models are really only a starting point; we maintain a wide variety of woods and can customize many features to your specification. We are innovators and designers, so if you have a need for something that’s never been seen before, we can make that a reality.

You might be surprised to learn that, often, unique woods or specifications will cost no more than the “standard” model! Our goal is providing the best possible instrument for you, the musician.

We have made many one-of-a-kind instruments, co-designed with the player for a specific purpose. You can view these in the Archives section of our website. If you need something really special, we can help you design it and build it.

Specifications and Examples of Available Builds


Annie - 25th-Anniversary Limited Edition

Novax Naturals

Charlie Hunter solidbody 8


J-Bazz 4



Our “Standard Models” are listed briefly below to provide an overview of our offerings; photos, greater detail and specifications can be found on the web page for each model.

Six and Seven String Guitars:

EXPRESSION model solidbody:

  • Ergonomic body shape designed for comfort and balance when standing or sitting
  • Nearly unlimited selection of pickup and electronic options
  • Many neck, fretboard and body wood options
  • Bodies can be either solid or laminated depending on preference
  • Hand-carved neck and body contours
  • Our exclusive XR (extended range) neck is available for the six string, and the seven string is available with either the “High A” or “Low A” tuning neck

AX-6 and AX-7 model semi-hollowbody:

  • A more classic shape, designed for comfort when playing standing or seated
  • Arched top of bookmatched figured hardwood or spruce, body and neck bindings, and a chambered mahogany back.
  • Optional piezo bridge saddles with “acoustic” and/or midi outputs, a broad selection of magnetic pickups and switching options
  • Our exclusive XR neck design is now standard for the six string model, and the seven string model is available with necks for either the “high A” or the “Low A” tunings

Eight String Guitars:

CHARLIE HUNTER 8 string solidbody:

  • Co-designed with Jazz artist Charlie Hunter, this model combines a true bass guitar with a standard guitar to produce an instrument capable of performing both functions simultaneously
  • It has an ergonomically designed body shape with special “bass” and “guitar” pickups with stereo outputs

CHARLIE HUNTER 8 string semi-hollowbody:

  • A semi-hollowbody version of the solidbody model, with a warmer, rounder tone
  • It has an arched top of spruce or bookmatched figured hardwood, chambered mahogany back, body binding
  • Optional piezo-acoustic and/or midi outputs

Acoustic Guitars:


This is a full acoustic, with mahogany back and sides or maple back and sides, mahogany neck with ebony fretboard, and our XR neck as standard spec. With the power and depth of bass response possible with our XR neck, this acoustic guitar sounds like no other! And, you can explore altered tunings without string tension problems.


  • A full acoustic guitar similar to the SERENADE, but with a magnetic pickup between the fretboard end and soundhole
  • True acoustic tone and volume
  • Trouble-free amplification and rich, warm tone without the “piezo quack” and no batteries!
  • A volume control and jack are recessed into the tailblock



  • Five string bass, with a balanced and comfortable body shape
  • Designed to accept standard extra-long scale bass strings
  • Extensive wood options
  • An almost unlimited selection of electronics and pickups


  • Size matters! Traditional styling and feel with the power and playability of Fanned-Frets®
  • Swamp ash or Alder body with hand rubbed hard oil finish
  • Maple neck with rosewood or ebony fretboard
  • Novax single-string bridges
  • Bartolini “vintage-voiced” pickups
  • Harmonically compensated bridge pickup orientation
  • Your choice of electronics: traditional dual volumes and master tone
       - OR - master volume, pickup blend, and master tone
  • Side-mount jack


  • 4 string model, utilizing the classic “P” and “J” bass body styles in combination with the scale length advantages of the Fanned-Fret system and individual bridges, a traditional design moves into the 21st century
  • A wide range of wood choices and electronic options complete the upgrade

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