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Instrument Models

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Novax® Custom Guitars

If you have a Fanned-Fret® design you'd like to see built, then work with the master and innovator, Ralph Novak. Every detail of your guitar design will be calculated and crafted with the same care and attention that our Charlie Hunter, Expression and XR models receive. Scores of professional players have relied on Novax® Guitars to build the perfect instrument for them. No guitars sound as clear, focused and balanced as Fanned-Fret® guitars and no one builds custom Fanned-Fret® instruments better than Ralph Novak of Novax® Guitars.

The Expression Baritone
Played by Mike Mushok of Stain'd, this is a baritone with real tone. The Fanned-Fret® design allows a longer scale with superior tone, intonation and feel. Mike liked it so much he bought two. Expression Baritone prices begin at $2,850.00.

AX 7 Acoustic Custom acoustic 7-string
Guitarp 7-string guitar with harp built for Phil deGruy
Charlie Hunter: Charlie with one of his 8, oops, 7-string guitars
Fandolin: 8-string mandolin
Joe Louis Walker with Fanned-Fret® Dan Electro
Bob Armstrong with guitar design help from Micky Ratt
Alan Dodge with doubleneck Guitar/Fandolin
Ralph Novak building instruments for the worlds biggest players

Price: Novax® custom guitars are hand built to the customer's specifications by master luthier, Ralph Novak. Custom instrument prices will vary depending on design considerations and materials. The current wait time for a Novax® custom guitar is one year.

To see all the guitars we currently have in stock, please see our Showroom page.

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