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Instrument Models

specifications and examples of available builds

Expression Solidbody 7-string

The Expression solidbody 7-string series is designed for the jazz artist who expects a big, clear, focused tone with accurate tuning and balanced string tension. Expression instruments are hand carved, each one unique, and ergonomically designed for playing comfort. Each guitar is the expression of the luthier’s craft, enabling the player to have the finest instrument on which to perform.

The solidbody Expression 7-string is available in 2 different tunings, with the appropriate scale-length neck for each.

We offer the Standard tuned model, which has a low A added to the familiar 6-string tuning. The scale lengths we use for this instrument are the comfortable 25 inch scale length for a warm, jazzy treble and a 27 1/2 inch scale length for basses that are articulate and big, with balanced string tension.

Our High A model uses shorter scale lengths and adds a higher tuned A to the standard tuned 6 strings. We use a treble scale length of 23 inches for the high A and a bass scale length of 25 3/4 for a standard-tuned E.

Both models have a maple neck with your choice of ebony, purpleheart, or wenge fretboard , your choice of medium or jumbo frets, and pearl dot inlay. See Inlay Options.

Fretboard binding in curly maple is included with the optional laminated curly maple top / mahogany back body.

Bodies are hand carved, and available in mahogany, walnut, or swamp ash. A laminated curly maple top / mahogany back body is available for an additional $450.00, and includes matching wood fretboard binding and headstock overlay. Bodies are finished in natural satin.

Custom Bartolini soap-bar style pickups and a 5-way rotary selector offer a versatile range of tones from smooth and warm to bright and spanky.

Individual Bridges: for excellent string-to-string crosstalk rejection giving you a more focused tone.
Bartolini pickups: for a broad frequency response and a high fidelity tone to capture the superior characteristics of the Fanned-Fret® system.
Hand carved body: Each guitar is individually, uniquely crafted by hand
Ergonomic shape: Contoured for comfort, shaped for balance

$3,250 with two Bartolini custom 7-string soapbar pickups.

Hard shell case included. Shipping not included.

To review our 1-year guarantee and see all the guitars we currently have in stock, please see our Showroom page.

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