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We're now in Eugene, Oregon, and we love it here!

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Why Novax® Guitars?

At a time when manufacturers of guitars are producing instruments to satisfy a market that is currently embracing the technology of the 1940's, NOVAX® Guitars continues to buck the industry trend by producing innovative instruments that offer improved performance for modern musicians. And, unlike the current fad of "Custom Shop" guitars from some of these companies, NOVAX® instruments are truly handcrafted, to YOUR specifications, just like they have been for over twenty years. Master luthier Ralph Novak draws upon his three decades of repair experience in the design and construction of NOVAX® instruments and consults extensively with players to achieve their tonal and aesthetic goals.

We have no agents, distributors, or dealers. We communicate directly with the musician to provide a customized instrument to exacting specifications.

Are You Ready?

NOVAX® players are the bold future, seeking their own voice and daring to be themselves. And, NOVAX® instruments are the modern tools for 21st century musical exploration.




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